Coffee Training for the whole community, with places supported by Kinfolk and its partners. Applications currently closed.

Accredited Coffee Training at Sibling

Applications have closed for March 2023 intake for Coffee Training at Sibling by Kinfolk in collaboration with Fitzroy Learning Network. This course, delivered via e-learning and on-site in a live hospitality workplace, gives participants the chance to complete the Hygienic Practices for Food Safety Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee accredited training units from the Certificate II in Hospitality.

Kinfolk Enterprise has teamed up with Fitzroy Learning Network to create a course that is suited at upskilling people from all walks of life, and you will be supported by our training and café staff to reach your potential. We're pleased to offer this learning intensive to anyone who has an interest in the coffee world, hospitality skills or upskilling themselves towards employment in any field.

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Learner Testimonials

What was something you enjoyed learning?
To make coffee.

What skills have you been able to master?
Making foam.

What do you hope to do with these skills?
To become barista.

Describe what you enjoyed about the program?
I like to work with friends.

Would you recommend the program?
Yes I would recommend to my friends.


I am lucky to be one of the students for this Barista training class. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to join this training program.

The training materials are clear with everything on a well-organized website that I can easily refer back for the have the training from a cafe and everything is so real not just from textbook. I have many opportunities to practice. Attention to every details from grinding, tampering to texturing is important to make a good coffee. It gives me sense of achievement when I can really make a coffee for customers.


I enjoyed learning how to use the coffee machines to make different types of coffees. I also get to learn how to make different types of milks for the coffees.

I enjoyed learning lots of different names for coffees. I learnt so many different Coffee Terminology words.

I would recommend this program to anyone. Thank you so much...I really enjoyed it.


About the Course

Course Structure

  • Delivered over a 10 week schedule and comprising 40 contact hours (mixed delivery onsite and elearning).
  • Learn from accredited training coordinator Ximena and the team of Baristas and Supervisors onsite at Sibling Cafe
  • Hybrid learning involving webinars, in-person seminars, on-site training, group excursions and written course-work
  • Assessment will be through written and practical observation of skills learned
  • Designed to be accessible to different learning styles and needs
    This community supported course is offered at no charge to applicants
  • You must complete Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety (SITFSA005) before you are eligible to start Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee (SITHFAB025). Credit Transfer is available if you have already completed Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety (SITFSA005) before, you will not need to do it again.

Applicant Requirements

  • Based in, or able to travel to Melbourne for scheduled learning sessions.
  • A conversational grasp of spoken English, and intermediate literacy skills at around ACSF level 2-3 (for this course, Kinfolk & FLN will assist with vocational and technical coffee language acquisition)
  • Participate proactively in the course by attending scheduled e-learning and in-person sessions

RTO & Course Details

  • Fitzroy Learning Network (RTO No. 3811)
  • Covers the 'Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety (SITXFSA005)' & 'Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee (SITHFAB025)' accredited training units from the Certificate II in Hospitality (SIT20316).
  • View Course Outline table here.

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